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To help bring our message of conservation to the community, we offer education programs that cater to schools, scouts, youth groups and local organizations.

Our 2-hour field trip programs are designed to connect students to the natural world while incorporating Next Generation Science Standards and Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. Each field trip includes hands-on activities both in the nature center and on our trails.

Not able to make it out to our property? Schedule a classroom visit or outreach program. Many of our field trip themes can be brought to you!

Programs range from $2-$5 per student depending on theme, materials and staff time. 

Program Themes:

Suggested grade levels are shown for each program, but most programs can be modified for any grade level.

Sensing Nature (PreK)

Use your 5 senses to observe nature! This program will help students develop their 5 senses while exploring nature and learning about the environment all around them.

Down on the Farm (PreK)

See if you have what it takes to be a farmer! Tour our farm and learn how to care for plants and animals in this fun, hands-on program.

Life Cycle of Animals (K-3)

Explore the life cycles of Michigan animals. Learn about metamorphosis and how some animals transform during their life cycle. Make a "Toad-Abode" to take home for an extra fee.

Plant Life (K-5)

Learn about the needs of a plant and its life cycle. Then play a fun game to learn about how plants depend on its environment to disperse their seeds! 

Animal Adaptations (K-5)
All animals have special adaptations that help them survive their habitats. Learn about some of them and then meet some of our education animals!
Food Chain Adventures (3-5)
Learn the ins and outs of the food chain, create your own food chain, and play a fun game to understand predator and prey relationships. 
Water, Water Everywhere (5-8)
Water makes up 70% of the surface of Earth! See how much is actually usable for humans and test the health of the Shiawassee River. 
Invasive Species (5-8, H.S.)
What is an invasive species and why are they trouble in our area? Learn how to identify and properly handle invasive species found in Michigan.
Compass Orienteering (5-8, H.S.)
Learn how to use a compass and complete our challenging compass course. This is great for team-building and scout groups!

If you would like a special program for your group, please contact Torey Caviston, our Environmental Education Coordinator at 989.723.3365 or with the following information:

School/Organization Name

Address, City & Zip

First & Second Choice date/time for program

Contact Person & Phone Number

Group Size

Program Requested

Looking for something different? Contact Torey Caviston, our Environmental Education Coordinator to create a one-of-a-kind program to fit your needs!
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